Scott Thomas Lowe POETRY

"The man who knew too much"

When someone finds out
how it all works
he becomes a threat to society
and he dissappears for twenty years
I know 'cause it happened to me
He looks like he's homeless
a beat up old bum
and I know that to some
he is frightening
he looks like someone
that's been hit by a train
or maybe
was just struck by lightning
Well he is a mirror
you don't want to see
just a reflection of reality
The beauty contest is over
and you didn't win
you didn't win the lottery
You all live like pigs
but you don't want to know
about the things
you don't want to see
Like old Lao Tzu
he'll point out to you
you who are lost
here's the way
A finger pointing
at the moon
it's not the finger
he wants you to see
You think
he's giving you the finger
when the moon's
what he wants you to see

Scott Thomas Lowe
April 2001
© Copyright 2001, 2004, Scott Thomas Lowe.